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Advice For Brides & Grooms: Top Tips For Your Wedding Timeline And How To Make The Most Of The Day (Light)

January 14, 2020 in Advice for brides So you've chosen your date and found a fabulous venue, the next task is to consider the timeline of your day. As most new brides and grooms have never organised a gathering for 100+ people this can be the most daunting part of the planning. Having often been been to hundreds of weddings your photographer can help you with designing a timeline which will make the most of the day from a photography perspective.Getting ReadyIt always takes longer than you think!  Try to build in extra time so you are relaxed and having a glass of champagne in the final half an hour rather than cutting labels, unstitching protective dress covering or finding flowers in the garden for your hair!  I tend to arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony time and will want to be departing ahead of you so that I can get to the church so plan to be getting into your dress half an hour before you want to leave.

I'm a London Wedding Photographer and I've been on this adventure for nearly ten years; travelling all over the world to capture amazing stories in beautiful locations.

I’m the wedding photographer people come to when they would rather spend their wedding day with their friends and family than spending hours posing for pictures. Who want the sort of pictures that will evoke love, memories and laughter. Who spend more time thinking about how to put on the greatest party to celebrate their friends and family than getting the exact shade of bridesmaid ribbons. Not that I don’t like attention to detail - I love photographing beautiful flowers and majestic venues - it’s just that I like the people more - and that’s the story I want to tell.

I’m used to my couples being camera shy - I am too so I relate - but it’s my job to put you at your ease, allowing you to relax and laugh and create photographs that you recognise yourself in.

I’m discrete - you’ll barely know I’m there, and several people will probably ask how I know you because they will assume I’m a friend.

I'm a useful source of knowledge for all those wedmin questions  - in fact I've written a few blog posts on wedding tips and planning your timeline - which comes from having photographed nearly 250 weddings.  Trust me - I know what works and what will make your day smooth and the party swing.

I describe my style as documentary wedding photography - which means I have a hands off approach on the day.   I capture the wedding as it unfolds and limit my direction to the handful of group shots (read my take on group photos here) and even the couple shoot is informal, fun and relaxed - it's more of a bit of a stroll together where I'll help you relax, laugh and enjoy the short time away from the rest of the wedding (you won't have much time alone for the rest of the day so enjoy it!).  We'll have a chance to meet up for a coffee or speak face to face on Skype before the wedding to chat through the timings of the day so nothing is a surprise and that you feel you have a friend arriving to photograph your day and not a total stranger.We've all been to weddings where the group shots have seemed to drag on for half of the reception time - that's no fun for anyone.  Ultimately (if you want them at all) you want them to be pretty snappy so you can get back to your party.  I always recommend around 20 minutes if you want to have up to around 8 combinations including the bridal party and both sides of the closer members of the family.  Start bringing in cousins and aunties into the equation and you will spend half an hour chasing down great aunt Mabel who's disappeared into the loos.  Appoint someone authoritative to round up stragglers and it can be a relatively painless experience!  I usually time this to take place soon after everyone has arrived at the venue, so enough time to have found a drink but not so long that everyone has scattered!Now this can vary tremendously.  Having photographed a wedding in New Zealand I discovered that the venue packs you a picnic of beer and snacks and you take at least an hour to do group and couple shots around the venue.  In the UK things are a little different and most of my couples don't want to be leaving their party for any great length of time.  I don't blame you to be honest.  It's a balance between enough time to get some beautiful shots, and not so much time that you are itching to escape.  I usually ask for 20-30 minutes assuming we are staying within the immediate vicinity.  And I try to time this towards the end of the reception and the time at which the coordinators are moving everyone in for the meal.  You'll be the last one to be ushered in so that works well.  Most couples really relish having this time together to go for a walk and catch up on the day so far.My usual length of day is 8-10 hours.  This seems to cover most weddings sufficiently starting with prep shots a couple of hours before the ceremony through to the first dancing.  Of course it's possible to have the photographer with you through to the messy end and I will happily discuss individual requirements.   Or maybe you are planning to have activities in the morning for guests at a destination wedding which is great to have captured.

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I have been working in the wedding industry for many years as a lead photographer, then things started to get very busy and my wedding diary started to fill up fast. Clients would often ask me who I would recommend to film their special wedding day. This is when I started Blue Lama, I hand-picked a talented and fun team to capture the biggest of weddings, we have captured all types of weddings across the UK and Europe. We will be there from the early hours of the morning until the dance floor is rocking late at night, capturing all those key moments and making sure you enjoy your wedding to the fullest.   

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