Need a different plan? We would be happy to create a custom plan to suit your business needs.
Feel free to contact us and tell us your requirements.

#Turnaround time is dependent on the complexity of the editing job and only on business days.
*14 day money back guarantee only eligible to new customers.


What type of work is NOT covered?

We don’t do things that are not considered video editing. For example, animation work, custom illustrations, graphic design, 3d work, creative work, storyboarding. If you are concerned about something, feel free to contact us.

Who owns the work that is completed?

You own all the work produced by us. We will not have any copyright over the work and as such will be able to provide you with all source file if you require this.

Can you adhere to my brand/style guides?

Yes, most definitely! We’ll be able to work according to your brand guide, apply your logo to your video and have the text and imagery that we use on the edit match exactly how your brand dictates.

What if the video edit is not what I want?

You are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions as long as you are still subscribed to us. This means you can change things up as many times as you want. We’ll keep working until you are 100% happy with the end result.

Can you provide a refund if I’m not happy?

For all new subscribers, we provide a 14 day money back guarantee. That is, if you are not 100% happy with the work, us or the service, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. This is an industry first and essentially unheard of in the creative industry.

How does this all work?

Our process is actually super simple. When you have video footage that you want to be edited, just upload it to your own cloud storage such as DropBox or Google Drive. Send us the link to that footage as well as information on how you wish for us to edit the video, any content/text you want and relevant style guides. We’ll edit and send you the completed video.

How long does it take to get a video edited and sent back to me?

We aim to get your edits back to you in around 4 to 5 days. Please note that the complexity of the request may increase the time frame.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, we will never lock you in any type of contract. This essentially means you can jump on for a single month and then cancel after you have completed all your video edits.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, the only fee you’ll be paying is the monthly subscription fee for the relevant plan. We will never charge you extra for editing request or revisions.

What type of work do you cover?

We can edit any kind of online video from Facebook ads, Instagram videos, to our speciality, YouTube videos.  We also edit commercials, real estate videos, and online course videos. We do have limitations though and they are: – The finished video cannot be longer than 15 minutes – We do not do voice-overs. If you are concerned about something, feel free to contact us.


We are so confident with our video editing service, that all our plans come with a 100% money back guarantee* within the first 14 days of subscribing. 

*14 day money back guarantee only eligible to new customers.
#Video Editing time may vary depending on the complexity of the request and only on business days

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