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Live Streaming Events: the go to Guide

Updated: Jan 20

We surveyed 1,500 event professionals and the majority agree that engaging Attendees is the most crucial element of planning experiences. Event professionals do often a good job at engaging attendees live but what about the army of online attendees?

Live streaming can add that tech element to your event and create an interactive platform that leaves your audience engaged and entertained while offering additional revenue streams.

In this post, we'll show you how to set up live streaming for your event and run streams on different social media apps!


Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time video to an audience over the internet.

It is an extension of video marketing, and it’s rapidly becoming the preferred marketing channel for most brands and event planners because of its ability to increase user engagement and audience reach.

This approach to video content marketing makes visuals more interactive and appealing to your target audience and provides higher social media engagements.

So, let’s see why live streams are an important inclusion for your event:

1 - Live Streaming Saves Cost and Increases ROI

When compared with SEO and other forms of content marketing for events, live streaming is cost-effective in implementation. Data even shows that 25% of event marketers spend between £100 and £600 for an average event on social media, while 28% spend below £100 and 26% spend nothing.

This contributes to a positive return on investment (ROI) as 67% of event organizers measure ROI based on audience satisfaction. And what better way to satisfy your remote audience than giving them a front-row view of the event?

2 - It Increases User Engagement

Remote audiences find live videos appealing because live streams give them access to the content they might not otherwise have, and they can comment and interact with each other and your content in different ways. This helps to create a community.

In fact, 13% of event planners use social media as an avenue for viewers to interact with speakers during educational sessions.

When live streaming, you can enable real-time comments and this will allow speakers and presenters to ask and answer questions from the remote audience.

And when people appreciate your live videos on social media platforms, they also share it (and the recorded versions) with their friends, which increases brand awareness.


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